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Offset Smoker Setup?


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My brother has just got himself an entry level offset smoker with a view to being able to direct grill pretty large amounts of food while also giving himself the option of indirect cooking too.

At some point I'm going to go round and see if we can seal up any leaks etc and give it a good chance of being able to control temperatures using the  air inlet but what i was wonderign, was how does one go about setting up an offset for a nice low-and-slow cook? 

My initial thoughts would be a sort of minion type setup ie a pile of heatbeads (my go to fuel at the moment) onto which I would then put a handful lit colas into the top/middle allowing them to ignite the other beads as they burn through?  Or is there a better or more recommended way to go about it?

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Cheers, I have had a bit of a look at that page but it doesn't really mention much about the charcoal setup besides adding fully lit coals so as to no drop the temperature, I'm looking more for how to set up the coals in the first place...

The modifications bit is quite useful though and I'm sure once we've done a bit of testing will gives us plenty of scope for improving the smoker a great deal!

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