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Setting up new bbq area

Kentish Man

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We've had a fair bit of building work done on our house since the start of March, but the end is in sight and I'm looking forward to being able to set up my new barbecuing area on the patio.

Long term, the plan is to put in some kind of outdoor kitchen area, but for now, the kamado and weber spirit will be freestanding. The patio is square, boxed in on two sides by the walls of the house, and the neighbour's fence and our lawn on the other two sides. 

Really, the best place for the barbecues is down the side that's bordered by our neighbours fence. How far away from the fence do I need to keep them though? I see a few barbecue shacks made of wood housing similar grills, what is the normal approach taken to fire proofing the wood, if anything? 


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Hi I would normally keep an inch or two distance and you'll be fine. Air is great at dissipating the heat. I built a wee shack a few years ago and used it many times without any fear of burning anything down including overnight cooks.

You don't need to do fireproof the wood. If you are worried about burning a table then put down some slabs etc. As you said there's many examples of online tables/shacks that are made of wood and they hold up fine. 

I'm in the middles of building a temp shack till I get the garden done. It's made of treated CLS and fence boards.  



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