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Flat Iron Steak 23rd April 21 Mini Kamado


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Thought I'd upload a wee cook I did a couple of weeks ago. I got the 400g Flat Iron steaks from a local butchers Collins delivered with some fantastic sausages. recommended by @garybwn

Steak ready to go. Reverse sear with some Beech wood in foil. Kamado running at roughly 150c~ with deflector plate in. Decided no seasoning as planned to add after sear. 


17:28 - Steak on.


17:43 - Steak was roughly 30c-35c so decided to flip.


17:53 - Steaks are reading 55c~


17:55 - Steaks resting inside. Removed the deflector plate and gave coal a stir so that more bits would light for sear. 


18:13 - Steaks after resting covered in foil. Had to give a longer rest as I forgot to start my Air fryer for wedges. 


18:20 - Second steak being seared. Decided to sear one at a time for max heat in the middle. 1 min then rotate 90. 1 Min more then flip and repeat. 


18:23 - Steaks after sear and coarse Pepper and Salt added. Threw my Homemade Pepsi sauce on Kamado to warm whilst I served. 


18:23 - A quick check of temp. A little higher than I'd normally go for but I was still happy.


Dinner time - My plate with Air fried Wedges. (mix is custom made with my own smoked salt)


Although final temp was higher than I'd normally shoot for I was still extremely happy with the meal. I'll definitely be ordering the Flat iron again.   

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