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Hello from Kent

Aaron Oliver

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Hi all, 

Based in Gravesend, Kent and I've been using a Weber kettle for a couple of years but I recently received an Everdure 4k for my Birthday at the end of December and I'm obsessed with it.

So far I've smoked some belly chops, leg of lamb and some ribs. The ribs were the only ones I wasn't particularly happy with but after reading on the forum, I should have got them from Bookers!

Let me know if you have a 4k. I found there were some teething issues around temp control but feel I have it reasonably under control now. 




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Hi Wade,


Thanks for the welcome.

It's not cheap, that's for sure. Unfortunately I've not cooked on any other Kamados to compare but a friend of mine has the Everdure too and he loves it so came highly recommended.

The build quality is brilliant and the it's useful having the probes built in but the app could be improved a bit.

It took me a couple of dry runs to dial in the temp control with lumpwood for low and slow cooks but I've managed to get it within 5-10c over a long period with occasional tweaking. I've got some heat beads on order to make it a little more hands off for my next cook. 

So far I've smoked some belly chops, leg of lamb and some baby back ribs. 

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