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New Members,

Steve (Smokin Monkey) and I would like to personally welcome you to the WoodSmoke Forum. We try very hard to make this a valuable resource for all information BBQ and Smoking related. There is a lot of very good information out there in a number of very diverse formats and it is our aim to help bring these together to make them easy for you to find and provide a “go-to” central reference resource for the UK BBQ and Smoking community.

Our number one goal is for you to be able to learn everything you need to know about smoking and preserving through here. A lot of good information will be found directly here on the Forum, however where it is more appropriate we also link to other sites and Forums to help you find the answers and advice you are seeking.

Another of our goals is to provide you with a sense of community and to help different regions and interest groups within the BBQ and Smoking community communicate to organise local discussions and events.

If you manage, or have found, an online resource that you think will be of interest to others them please tell us about it so that we can look to include it if it is appropriate.  A couple of things to get you started that may help you find your way around...

These are grouped together to help you more easily find what you are looking for

  • Announcements – General Forum information
  • Community – This includes the forum “Chewing the fat”, a place for general discussion about anything BBQ and Smoking related. It also contains the “Food Safety” Forum, which you may find useful
  • Smoker Hardware and General Techniques – Please share your experiences (good and bad) with the equipment you own or have tried
  • Hot Smoking and Sous Vide – All things BBQ and Hot Smoking
  • Cold Smoking, Curing and Preserving – What it says on the tin… 
  • Recipes – A great place to share your favourite recipes
  • Country Woodsmoke – Links to the CWS Facebook pages (if you have not already been there then this is a great place to chat with other BBQ/Smokers), links to the UK BBQ Magazine and also Marcus’s Country Woodsmoke site
  • Smoking commercially – If you already do or want to begin, then here is a good place to look

These are special interest community groups. You can browse them all to see what is happening and if you join a Group you can also post. They are free to join – just click on the join group link.

If you would like your event(s) published in one of the calendars then please send us the details and we will look to add them.

This is the most useful tool on the site. You can easily search for content in all of the forums, groups and calendars

So go ahead and jump right into the forum, ask questions, comment on things that interest you, use the search feature to research topics, subscribe to your favourite forums and most of all, be sure to let us know if we can somehow make your experience a little better. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed!

Wade Nash and Steve Smith
WoodSmoke Forum Founders

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