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Need help Choosing a BBQ


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I currently have a weber drum bbq but I'm looking to upgrade to get more grilling real estate.  I've spent a while researching but struggling to find one with all the features I'd like. Does one with the features I've listed below exist? The closest I've seen so far is the outback Saturn bbq (I was looking at the 4 burner for now) but doesn't have the first 2 features listed here:

- charcoal tray that can move up and down (or other means to control charcoal grilling temp)

- side tables that can be put down easily for storage (the outback ones would need to be unscrewed) 

- gas and charcoal combi (min requirement is it must have charcoal, i doubt ill use the gas all that much but like the option)

- non-circular grill (I find you lose too much space around the edges with the round drums)

- good quality build and grill plate

Appreciate any input anyone can give here



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