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High Temp, food safe, silicone seal - other than Lavalock RTV 650


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I am big newbie to Offset smoking and that is going to be very clear in my next sentence.

I bought a Landmann Vinson. 

And of course it leaks smokes/heat and I can't get it up to temperature; I wish I had found this site before my purchase.

But anyway, I will see if I can add the various modifications to seal in the smoke.


Lavalock RTV 650 seems to be the silicone seal of choice but I can't find it available in the UK. I wonder if someone could suggest an alternative food safe silicone seal please?


I have added gaskets around the firebox and cooking chamber (well to the lid of the cooking chamber).


Other modifications that I understand are useful to reduce smoke leaks are clamps. Any comments would be very welcome.


If the above modifications go well then I plan to add 'tuning plates' or 'baffle plates'.


Look forward to any help, guy


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Silicone wise i used this, havent had any issues 



Baffles / tuning plates i made my own out of stainless, wont be able to give results until Wednesday, as not using until then. 

Ive gapped them i havent hole stamped them that way i can work out how they will work.



Clamps ive ordered from https://www.goodhanduk.co.uk/Catalogue/Toggle-Clamps


I will let you know how they work out.



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Hi Colin39

Thank you very much for your full reply.

I'd looked at the Victas Heat resistance silicone sealant so that is very good to know it works well. My only question being is it 'food safe' - I'll ask the manufacturer.

Very nice tuning plates. Will certainly be interested to hear how you go with those.

And have just ordered the toggle clamps.

Thank you.



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