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Overnight smoke 6kg packer brisket


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Hi guys and gals

Seen a couple of posts with comments hinting at an overnight smoke, but the ones I've seen have the smartfire (or similar) which I don't have.

Are there any tips to doing this? 
I was thinking of getting it going a 3ish hours before going to bed, and then wrapping in butchers papers at the last moment with a good spritz. Maybe topping up the briquettes and water pan as well?
Just not sure I won't be up 4 times in the night checking on the temp and water pan. Or is sand maybe a better option for this cook with the vents closed more than they would be with water? Haven't used sand before though

Any advice at all would be appreciated.
Or in fact if I would even need to do this weight of brisket overnight, or if I could get away with lighting it super early. Although I was expecting it take more than 12hrs

p.s. loving this forum btw, used some bits of advice I've seen for smoke 2 lots of short ribs, 2 large pulled pork butts, and a brisket flat. Loving the proq so far! 

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Hi Riddell, I have a bullet smoker and I did an overnight cook last year only with pork. I've linked it below. My main advice would be to add more coal than you think you'll need. I found I hadn't put enough in and had to add in before bed time not the worst but I was able to add in. Also make sure you have a thermometer to monitor meats and smoker temps it will make your life easier. I used water as it's what I've always used but I know many prefer sand. 



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