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Coals Layout


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For fun and interest as I have not seen a post to this

How do you layout your coals, any method, why this way

I come from the way back and was a case of getting a bag of coals and tip the coals on the bbq with firelighters already in, spread about a bit and light. I do things a lot better than that now, be interesting to know




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most of the time i set mine for indirect cooking, that does me for near enough everything and i have also got direct heat for searing with that set up, usually a full starter of heatbeads, maybe a bit of cherry if i want some smoke. 


for low and slow, its a simple snake, 2 x 2 with the beads and some wood chunks for the first hour or so.


my smokeyjoe just gets ½ a stater of beads spread over the grate and that is mainly used for quickies like burgers/kebabs etc.


i use heatbeads all of the time, i do like to use lump but cant seem to find any decent stuff locally, and i have tried various other coals like coco etc over the years, but i always end up just sticking with the heatbeads.








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