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Barbecue Upgrade Recommendations


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Hi all - 


I am looking for some recommendations or suggestions for an upgrade for one of my barbecues. I currently have two barbecues, a Weber Smokey Mountain which is a new(ish) purchase, and so I'm getting used to doing some long slow smokes on that. The other one that's been my mainstay for the past 4 years is a Landmann Kentucky off set smoker. The Landmann is looking a bit worse for wear these days, and so I am hoping to get some recommendations on a good replacement.


I primarily use the Landmann these days for direct grilling, however it is also pretty decent at getting some some on things like pork shoulders that have been cooked in the sous vide (although I suppose I could use the WSM for that now too. What I like most about the oil drum style over something like a classic Weber kettle, is the warming shelf, so I can remove food from the direct heat, but still keep it in the barbecue, while other things are going.


When I have used the Landmann for smoking, it's clear that it's not the best piece of kit (I think at the time I bought it, end of season, it was around £100, so a really good price) as there is a lot of smoke leakage. The system for raising and lowering the coal shelf is also pretty rudimentary and with the brackets sticking out at the side, does annoy me a bit when using a grilling basket, as I can't lat it across the grill sideways.


I'm not looking at spending Komodo money on this, but something that is a decent performer in an average sort of price range. Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated.





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Get some 57cm accessories for the WSM rather than a whole new pit...

hanging kit for ribs 

slow n sear

plancha / cast iron ring

flip n grate

all the bandit accessories


with an WSM you can “hack” it a lot and so I’d spend the £££ on doing that 

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I'm all for buying gadgets for my WSM too, but when I want to do direct grilling, that's when I use my Landmann that is getting a bit rusted.

Where do you get your WSM add-ons from? I'm thinking of getting a rotisserie. Not ideal for a WSM but I reckon it will still be functional, and if I love it, maybe I'll buy a kettle, and that'll answer my question above.


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Do the direct grilling on the WSM... just bring the charcoal baskets / grates to a higher level


As for sourcing accessories... anything for a 57cm kettle fits a 57cm WSM so the weber rotisserie etc (though it won’t seat as neatly given the opposite facing lip vs a kettle)


Think rotisserie will be great on a WSM especially as you can then choose to use the full height and so cook over natural wood at similar heights / distances to asado and the like... and as above, use the higher grate levels for same setup as a kettle but in the WSM 👍 

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