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UK Registered BBQ Judges


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Current UK list of certified judges. At present this is limited to KCBS certified judges.

Full list of KCBS Judges Unfortunately this link no longer works on the new KCBS web site

Surname First Name Location   Level Expiry Certified By
Armstrong-brown Clain  Bath GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Baker David  Wenhaston, Suffolk GB   10/31/2017 KCBS
Bartlett Ben  Bristol GB   02/28/2018 KCBS
Bateman Noel  Glossop GB   05/31/2018 KCBS
Bateman Sharon  Glossop GB   01/31/2018 KCBS
Bawdon Marcus  Dulford GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Berry John  Cornwood GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Cini Mark  Oxted, Su GB   10/31/2017 KCBS
Duck Alex  Bristol GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Field John  Alton GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Fishlock Angela  Heathfield GB [TC] 10/31/2017 KCBS
Fishlock Mark  Heathfield GB [Master, TC] 10/31/2017 KCBS
Fowler Jeremy  Winchester GB [Master] 04/30/2018 KCBS
Harger Dale  Melksham GB   09/30/2017 KCBS
Hillier Paul  Bristol GB   09/30/2017 KCBS
Hills Aaron  Manchester GB   05/31/2020 KCBS
Holden Richard  Chorley, LA GB   11/30/2017 KCBS
Hubbard Martin  Nuneaton GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Keenan James  Bristol GB   09/30/2017 KCBS
Kelvin Nick  Hemel Hempstead GB   02/28/2018 KCBS
Lane Lyndsey  Leicester GB   07/31/2018 KCBS
Lane Scott  Coalville, LE GB   07/31/2018 KCBS
Lee Ben  New Malden, SU GB   07/31/2018 KCBS
Low Alan  Lancing, WS GB   01/31/2018 KCBS
Maluszynski Chris  London GB   12/31/2100 KCBS
Manning Chris  Lolworth, Camba GB   10/31/2017 KCBS
Martin Andy  Topsham, Ke GB   12/31/2017 KCBS
Mccubbin Matt  Bath GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Mckend Georgina  St. Austell GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Mckend Ian  Bodmin GB   12/31/2100 KCBS
Mckend Ty  Bodmin GB   12/31/2100 KCBS
Morgan Gareth  Hertford GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Navickas Nerijus  Tilbury, ES GB   03/31/2018 KCBS
Navickiene Lina  Tilbury, ES GB   03/31/2018 KCBS
Sanderson Roger  Warwickshire GB [Master, TC] 08/31/2018 KCBS
Saunders Michael  Bristol GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Shea Toby  Tongham, SU GB   12/31/2100 KCBS
Sutton Matt Gloucestershire GB   04/30/2018 KCBS
Turan Turan  Milton Keynes GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Walsh Peter  Emsworth GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Watkins John  Ivybridge GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Weight Jackie  Bethersden, Kent GB   06/30/2018 KCBS
Williams Andy  Newnham, GL GB [TC] 06/30/2018 KCBS
Yeats Paul  Newcastle Upon Tyne GB   11/30/-0001 KCBS
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