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Boston Butt


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Morning all,

So yesterday I had a go at pulled pork again. I did some last week at it was the best, it pulled but was a little dry.


After some recommendations from your lovely selves about where to buy meat, I went with Sherwoods. Bought a 6kg Boston Butt, some Meaty ribs and a small brisket for burnt ends (Will be using SM's guide for that!).


So got up at the crack of dawn to prep and start my fire, meat went on at 7am and came off for rest at 14:30, Pulled at 15:30. Longest cook I've done o far which was "interesting" in the fine British wind we had yesterday haha!


But I kept up with spritzing and wrapped her at 165f, cooked until 200f then rested for an hour. Simple salt, pepper and paprika dry rub, spritzed with apple juice.


I was very impressed with the results, lovely and soft, shredded very easily and even the kids finishes their plates at dinner time, so a win all round I think!!

This meat was huge, took up most of my grill space in the BBQ, but glad I had a go at a bigger piece, taught me.alot about maintaining temps and how inaccurate my thermometers are on my BBQ lol.

Cheers for reading, 




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