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spiral smoke generator


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Hi All,  I picked this up on ebay for £15.99...tried it on the weekend and worked fine.  Had a 9hr smoke and there was at least 2-3 more hours left if I wanted to let it go.  Dont know how long it will last but it's a cheap way to explore your options.

Cold smoke stainless steel Sparbrand BBQ smoking spiral cold smoke generator



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Wade, tried it on the belly i put into cure 2wks ago.  I cut into 3 pieces,  used your calculator.  I think for sweet flavours we've settled on 2.75% salt plus whatever flavouring.  Did a straight cure for 10 days, then rinsed and put 2 of them back in the bag with maple syrup.  the last one I just eyeballed some fennel, pepper and brown sugar... left for another 4 days.  the maple I just patted dry, the fennel had a quick rinse...all had a 9hr smoke on maplet dust... bloody awesome, even my wife who does not like fennel said it was 'not bad'...so, next  belly i need to switch up and explore some other flavours i think.

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