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Gonna try a smoked chucky again lol


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Last time I wasn't really happy with the way the wild fork meat was after trimming so I crock potted it. Probably woulda been fine if I had trussed them but they were 2 small 2.4 lbers. I got almost 8 pounds of roasts in two big Uns from safeway today at $3.99 a lb.  I was able to pick them out in person so it was easier. I might go back and get another 8 lbs just because it's on sale lol. I think I will save the smaller one to do with my 4 lb pork belly. I will do them both as burnt ends. Then again maybe I'll do both now and pick a chuck outta the next package for burnt ends LOFL.

So not sure when I am gonna do the chucks but it's gonna be within the next week. Gonna make mashed potatoes and carrots like a pot roast kinda but everything is gonna be cooked separately.

pot roast 1.jpg

pot roast 2.jpg

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