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2 new products anyone ever used them?


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I have not tried either however the American Worcestershire sauces are very different to the one we are used to in the UK. They do vary alot between brands however the US versions are usually a lot sweeter than ours and also they can be more like a ketchup.

The Meat Mitch Whomp will be very sweet (18g of sugar per 35g serving) and so if you like particularly sweet sauce then it may be worth giving it a try. It will depend on how well they have balanced the sweetness with the spice blend. 

If you do try either then be sure to let us know what you think 👍

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Yup I will 100% be using the products probably on a meatloaf. I will let you know. I think both are pretty spicey so we'll see. I usually use stubb's bbq sauce and it has like 19g of sugar so seems on par for that kinda sweet sauce. thanks for the post.

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