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Help! Weber Stockholm syndrome (Gas)

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Hi guys

Wife is spending all my money on her outdoor entertaining area project. But her outdoor kitchen idea means I have a chance to upgrade my setup! Gas wise I have a 2 burner Spirit II. Throwback when I lived in London with a small garden. Now we moved to the sticks and being a Weber boy I've been looking at the Summit 670 but looking at my not even 3 year old Spirit and the rust that's gobbling away at it - I can't help thinking the talk about Webers fall in quality and run by money grabbing investors is true?  Please can anyone recommend any Summit alternatives? I've seen some good things about Whisper Birbury (and dream of owning a Wolf but waaaay out of my paygrade) 

Feel like I've got Stockholm syndrome to Weber when I'm sure there are technically better rigs out there? Brain can't see beyond Weber!


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Welcome, look at Broil King or Napoleon alternatives. Have Broil King gasser for the last 5 years no issues, still cleans up well, Signet 390 with side burner & rotisserie.  Kettle & bullet smoker are by Napoleon and have been hammered over the last 4 years , still in excellent condition . Hope this gives you some food for thought.....

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Thanks - will check them out - quite like the spec of the Prestige Pros. I've been lurking on US BBQ forums and some clever guy went to look at Summits with a magnet and was disappointed for the money hardly any of the Weber was 304 Stainless Steel! I've open to buying used - passed on two Summits as I was quite shocked at how rusted out the cabinets were and how much people were still charging for them! These had both been well looked after and professionally cleaned but looked like like they needed new cabinet parts soon... Doesn't look cheap to source either! Saw a used Whistler and the 304 steel looked flawless! Cleaned up so well! 

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