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Flanken cut


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Hi,  I have some Flanken /cross cut beef ribs and was wondering if low and slow is the way here rather the direct heat or if direct is better? Most on line videos seem to go direct whereas when I bought them i assumed low and slow would be better? Thanks

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Is that the style that they use in Korea? I think you use the vinegar/soy to help start the tenderisation process and due to the thin cut a faster direct heat is preferred as the marinade will penetrate easier and "deeper" due to the small slices.

I remember doing a dish in a Chinese cooking class a couple years ago at a college and we had a marinade that essentially "cured" the beef so a quick fry was all that was needed for taste. 

I'd say try doing it hot and fast this time and if not to taste it's a good excuse to buy more 😁

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Thanks. Not sure if it’s korean but I hadn’t seen it much before so I bought them to try. I sort of went with a mix of direct and then smoked for about half hour. They came out very mixed- perfectly pink but some were extremely chewy and some quite tender! Tasted pretty good though. 

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