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My First Attempt At A Pizza On the Smokefire



I haven't used the Smokefire for over a week, so was keen to give it ago today, I completed the Firmware update to 4008 and decided to try a Pizza for the first time, as it was quick and easy and a way to check the firmware update hadn't broken anything.The Smokefire took about 20 minutes to get up to temperature and another 10 minutes to make sure the pizza stone had reached 500F as well

I really wanted to make my own base, but haven't been able to find any Pizza 00 Flour anywhere, due to the ongoing virus situation and shortage of stocks in the shops. I did manage to find a ready made Pizza base made by a company called Crosta & Mollica, a partially cooked Wood Fired Sourdough Base with a pizza tomato base already added. It comes fresh and not frozen with a 4 or 5 day shelf life. I was very pleasantly surprised with how it turned out with the cheese and ham toppings, I added myself. As I had heard some horror stories about ready made bases from other people in the past. But after an  11 minute cook (5 at 500F and 6 at 550F) it was lovely and crisp on the bottom still and had a crisp , but not overdone bite to it. I Will definitely use it again, if struggling to find flour next time and it is still available.

I used a four cheese grated mix along with some grated  Monterey Jack and a couple of Mozarella Cheese slices for topping along with some shredded Honey Roast ham and a couple of fresh Basil Leaves. The cheese bubbled and melted nicely but didn't colour up as well as I had hoped. So would probably try 550F from the start for the full cook next time. Not sure if the Smokefire added a very slight smoky taste to the base, but suspect as the ready made base was partially woodfired,  I think it was already there, but still nice whichever way it got there.

Overall very pleased with how it all turned out, not sure how often I would do a pizza on the Smokefire for just myself with startup and cooking time it took close to 40 minutes, which is quite a long time for just a single pizza. 

After 5 minutes


After 11 minutes


A nicely cooked base




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That looks awesome. 40 mins is a long time for one pizza. But I'd say if the flavour is as good as it looks then its worth it. 

When you can get flour id say make your own sourdough. Mines is two years old now and I use it to make my pizza. Gives the base a great flavour. 

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