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First Go At Grilling Fish On The Smokefire!



Finally decided to give whole fish ago at being grilled on the Smokefire. I have had so many failures on a charcoal BBQ that it has always put me off grilling fish. But decided the time was right to give it ago on the Smokefire.

I chose 6 Sardines and a whole Sea Bass to try out, After gutting and cleaning them I covered them in a Piri Piri Marinade for an hour before grilling. Preheated the grill to 425F and left it at that temp for 15 minutes to make sure the grills themselves were up to temp.

Put the Sea Bass on first for 10 minutes each side only turning once, it lifted without sticking to the grill or braking up. I added the sardines so everything finished together and did them for 3 minutes each side. The skin on some of the fish stuck to grates, but the main difference from my previous attempts on a BBQ was they stayed whole when I turned them over and lifted them off the grill once cooked. For me that's a big success.

I like to eat my Sardines the Portugese way, so put a whole grilled sardine on a piece of bread squirted some lemon over it and sliced it from the head towards the tail along the backbone and eat the flesh on another piece of bread, the fish tasted grilled and a hint of smoke and was really enjoyable and properly cooked through, even if it was a bit messy.

The sea bass flesh came away from the backbone perfectly also and pulled off with no effort and didn't break.

The pictures and the presentation weren't the best but very happy with the outcome of the meal and it has given me renewed faith in grilling fish outdoors again.






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Looks good to me, fish is the one thing I'm always reluctant to cook as well so I may give this a go having seen the results!

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1 hour ago, Simon.W said:

Looks good to me, fish is the one thing I'm always reluctant to cook as well so I may give this a go having seen the results!

Expected to need a fish basket/holder thing, but they released themselves from the grill pretty easily. Bought some Cedar Planks for  fillets salmon/white fish to try in the future as well

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