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Hi everyone


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Hello all,    came across this forum while I was researching Prague powder and found it so informative that I signed up. 

I 'm not a prolific poster so you probably wont hear from me very often, I am however a prolific reader of all things related to my 'hobby' which is making bacon, pork pies, and sausages etc.     Been retired for 5yrs. now and my only other real interest is riding my ebike, which I do most days, and a bit of photography.

Hope you all stay safe and healthy,   cheers for now,     daveT

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Hi Dave.

Not been at this lark very long myself, so far myself and hubby have cured and smoked 2 pieces of bacon, both very nice even if I do say so myself. My hubby is a big pork pie fan, maybe you could pass on a recipe or two😉.

Hubby has been retired a while and I'm a fairly new retiree. I'm trying to get hubby interested in giving e-biking a try but seem to have my work cut out there!

Enjoy your hobby👍.

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HI and thanks for your message Bandit ?  the most important advice I could give to anyone of retirement age would be  ' GET AN EBIKE ! A bit off topic for others on here I know but it seriously changed my life . I was an over weight couch dumpling doing nothing all day until I bought the bike and now I'm much fitter, more active and a couple of stones lighter.

The problem is the bacon and sausages etc. are going straight to my waistline .Most of the recipes I use for the pork pies I've made have come from youtube videos and if you've not tried it, do take a look. I've yet to be totally happy with my results, either the filling is not right or the pastry is not right, but I'll get there soon I'm sure.

Thanks again for you message,    stay safe both of you,       daveT           

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