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Inkbird Black Friday Sale Start Now


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Hi guys, Inkbird Black Friday is coming. here we offer some BBQ device discount, check if there is anything you are looking for.

IBT-2X Bluetooth BBQ Thermoemter with two probes: £25.39-->£19.30


IBT-4XS Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with four probes: £45.39--> £36.31


IHT-1P Waterproof Rechargeable Food Thermometer: £25.99-->£18.98


IHT-1P deal will be end at 23-Nov-2020 22:20 GMT, don't miss it if you need one.

Please let us know if you have any question and share this with your friends who may need one.

Stay Safe.



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Hey guys, Inkbird Black Friday deals are starting now, here are all deals information, check pictures first and then click follwing links as you need:
👉IBT-2X with two probes
👉IBT-4XS with two probes
👉IBT-4XS with four probes
👉IBT-6XS with six probes(Black/Red):
👉IBT-4XC With four probes:
👉IBBQ-4T with four probes:
👉IRF-4S with two probes:
👉IRF-4S with four probes:
👉IHT-1P Waterproof BBQ Thermoemter:
👉BG-HH1C Meat Thermometer:
👉IRF-2SA with two probes:
🙌BTW, You will get 10% off discount for Inkbird BBQ carryying case if you order device and case together.
Please share with your friends who may need and let me know if you have any question.
Wish you a good day, Stay Safe.


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