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DIY Adjustable Asador-like grill


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I am building an "Asador" style brick bbq. This gives me a fire shelf of approx 1100 x 700mm, lined with fire bricks.

I want to have an adjustable (liftable) grill of approx 900mm x 500mm. I don't want to buy an argentinian style guacho grill, as that means I can only use space for only one thing.

Does anyone have any clever Ideas for adjusting a large grill that does not have fixings on both sides? (My grill is less wide than my bbq fire shelf.

I have thought of attaching cables/chains to grill and having a winch, but I think the grill would wobble about (the argentinian ones have vertical guides each side).

Any thoughts appreciated

PS: Is this the right forum for "non_smoker" questions?

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