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First cook on my Weber


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Doing some Malcom Reed beef ribs today, think I started a little low on temp, I’ve not got a pit probe and the Weber thermometer is over the hot side, got one on order. Been at 225f for 7hrs, stalled for a good while at 150f. They’re wrapped in foil now, fingers crossed. Photo after 2 hours


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1 hour ago, Kev said:

Wow love the smoke ring, did you find the meat forgiving? 

Very forgiving,  I kept the temp around 230 ( maybe lower, Weber thermo is opposite vent so it’s over the fire rather than the meat) with a couple of spikes up to 275/280 after spritzing. Stalled at 150 after about 6 hours so wrapped in foil, took about 10 hours in total. Think I could’ve gone hotter and faster but I think the first few hours under cool smoke really set the smoke ring

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