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Weber Smokefire Hardware / Software Issues Thread


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To start with:

When I built my EX6 the only thing I found was the enamelled ash / grease pan holder that goes between the front legs wasn’t quite long enough.

This means that when the bolts are tightened, the metal bends slightly and the enamel chips off - this is an area which will no doubt rust.

Weber contacted & they’re going to send me another.

With regards connectivity, it won’t allow you to use a Wi-Fi network which doesn’t have a password. As I live in the middle of nowhere I have no need for a PW (and it makes my Sonos system a bit more reliable) I had to set up another protected network for the SF.

And FWIW, there is both a Bluetooth icon and a WiFi icon on the SF - it took a while to get the WiFi to play but got there in the end.

Finally, my EX6 has the new hopper ramp already fitted, and came with the original auger and angled pellet chute (see a Harry Soo’s YouTube).

I’ve had no issues with the pellet feeding but I did have a few issues on my 1st long cook with the SF holding 225°f but after about 90 mins it settled down.

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