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Inkbird IBT-4XS Lighting Deal on 7th Feb


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Hi folks.


Inkbird IBT-4XS have a lighting deal from 7th Feb 16:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT, only six hours. please have a look if you have interest to get one wireleee BBQ thermometer.

Start date: 07-Feb-2019 16:00 GMT
End date: 07-Feb-2019 22:00 GMT
Two probes: Original Price-£39.99  Slash Price-£31.99
Four probes: Original Price-£44.99  Slash Price-£35.99

Thank you for you guys supporting.


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After Inkbird IBT-4XS lighting deal end. IBT-6XS wireless BBQ thermometer(UP to 6 Sensors/Bluetooth paring) deal is begin.

Start date:12-Feb-2019 09:05 GMT  
End date: 12-Feb-2019 15:05 GMT
original price:£54.99---------Slash price £43.99 (Six probes)
original price:£46.99---------Slash price £37.99 (Four probes)


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