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Beer, Fries & BBQ V


BBQ Event Diary

Event details

Location: Koning Boudewijnlaan, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium

Annual KCBS Sanctioned BBQ event - hosted by De Filous BBQ Team

Beer, Fries & BBQ is an incredibly beautiful competition with a circular competition area. It's our big round table where everyone is equal and gets the attention they deserve form coming to our contest.

 Our table is limited for only 48 teams
 At our table everyone is equal
 We are an impeccable organization
 Best value for money

Our venue is one of a kind!
The contest area is located in a park on the edge of the city center of Hasselt. Though it is away from the crowded city center it's on a walking distance for those who stay in a hotel. Around the contest area we have great parking accomodations. Visitors can park nearby and are no longer than a 5 min walk away.

But the most thrilling part of our venue is our setup. The contest area is a large circle of 800m2. Teams are placed on the outer bound and also in the center of the circle. We like to compare it large round table where everyone is equal. Nobody is left behind in a corner. Everyone gets the same attention they deserve at our contest. In the middle we have a bar where everyone sits in the evening to fraternize with eachother. The 885 light bulbs which cover the whole contest area provide a great atmosphere in the evening for everyone.

So do you want to join us at our competition? Be fast because our contest table can only provide 50 seats.

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