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BBQ Smoker Grill Blog - Barbecue Recipes, Reviews, Recommendations with some tips and techniques along the way.

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Smoked Mac and Cheese with Bacon Recipe

Smoked Mac and Cheese With Bacon is a favourite comfort meal. The sweet, smoky, cheesy taste has you coming back time and time again. This is a great meal on its own, or a fantastic side at a barbecue party. It really is one of the best smoking side dishes. We like the combination of cheeses here but feel free to experiment to find what suits you.  Use a cast iron pot that can take the heat of the smoker for long periods of time without damage.  Smoke

Pulled Pork in Smoker Recipe in 6 Easy Steps

Here is our pulled pork in smoker recipe, complete with an easy to make sweet dry rub. It’s a long smoke but very much worth it.  Pulled Pork in Smoker – Served on a Board     Table of Contents   Pulled Pork in Smoker Step 1 – Buying Your Pork Shoulder Pulled Pork in Smoker Step 2 – Prepare Your Meat Pulled Pork in Smoker Step 3 – Smoke for 6 Hours Unwrapped Pulled Pork in Smoker Step 4 – Smoke for 6 Hours Wrapped Pulled Pork in Smoker Step 5

Smoked Burger Recipe in 6 Steps

Many of us think of a lovely, juicy, smoked burger with all the accompaniments when we consider barbecuing. Here is our smoked burger recipe for you to try out on your smoker or barbecue, served with a delicious smoked garlic and chilli mayo, red onion relish, rocket and applewood cheese. Table of Contents Smoked Burger Recipe Step 1 — Smoke Your Onions and Garlic Smoke

Pork Butt Smoker Recipe in 5 Easy Stages

Pork Butt Smoker Recipe in 5 Easy Stages   Please enjoy our pork butt smoker recipe, and read the instructions carefully.   It isn’t difficult to smoke pork butt, yet it requires patience and attention to detail.   What Cut is Pork Butt?   Despite the name, pork butt doesn’t come from the backend of the pig (we get ham from there), it actually comes from the shoulder of the pig. It is also known as Boston Butt, possibly because that is where the cut became

Wood Fired Pizza Recipe – The BEST to Make at Home!

Introduction: What is Wood Fired Pizza and Why is it Different? Wood fired pizza is a type of pizza that is cooked in a wood fired oven. It was first introduced in Naples, Italy and has become very popular in the United States, and across the world. Wood fired pizza is different from other types of pizzas because it is cooked at a much higher temperature – at least 400°C or 752°F, and often even hotter again. True Neapolitan pizza is meant to be cooked in 1 minute, and you need mo

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Woods For Smoking Meat - A Comprehensive Guide

People are always asking, ‘What are the best woods for smoking meat?’  You will find different answers depending on who you ask, and where you ask it. There are definitely guidelines and general recommendations however. It’s a similar topic to pairing wines with food, and of course we will all still have our preferences. Some things are clear though – when smoking meat we will be using hardwoods and never softwoods.  Hardwoods are woods such as alder, hickory, mesquite, maple

Prime Rib in Smoker Recipe

Prime Rib in a Smoker Recipe Posted bybbqsmokergrill January 3, 2022 Leave a commenton Prime Rib in a Smoker Recipe EditPrime Rib in a Smoker Recipe What could be more exciting at a barbecue than Prime Rib in a Smoker? Slow-cooked smokey beef falling off the bone with a crispy sticky crust…  Ready to learn how to cook it yet? The Prime Rib cut comes from the cow’s ribs and spine, and it’s where you get the fantastic fat-marbled cut the ‘ribeye,’ from. When you buy a P

BBQ Recipes for Chicken

There are few things more popular to smoke than BBQ recipes for chicken.  Chicken and barbecue have gone hand in hand since the invention of BBQ (which was about 1.8 Million Years ago with our ancestors cooking with fire apparently).  Here are our best BBQ recipes for chicken, along with a few BBQ tips, tricks and recommendations just for fun. Table of Contents BBQ Recipes for Chicken Wings – Ingredients BBQ Recipes for Chicken Wings – Method BBQ Recipes for Chicken
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