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Which meat grinder do you use?

Scott T

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On 1/15/2023 at 9:24 PM, Scott T said:

I'm looking for a meat grinder to use up brisket and other meat trimmings. I've found one, just under £100...https://adexa.co.uk/Food-Prep-Machines-29/Meat-Mincers-228/Professional-Meat-Grinder-168kg-hour-stainless-steel-Adexa-MGW180

Has anyone got one and is it a decent one?

Appreciate any feedback...

If you have Kenwood chef or similar meat grinder attachments about £50-60. Use on Kenwood but not very often, find it easier to use a hand operated mouli as in to get to & clean, also do it as the trimmings happen, don't store them up & have big load to do......

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I still use one of my vintage Kenwood Chef units with a mincer attachment for mincing / grinding meat. An A720 or A920 attachment can be picked up cheap on Ebay. It's slow & steady, but does the job. Can also be used to stuff sausages once you have mastered the knack!

Cheers n Gone Nick 

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