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Anglia and Southeast Tailgate

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I would like to go, but a pretty busy first half of the year. I may try to come up for the day to meet you guys if that’s ok. 

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Of course mate, come up for the day, no need to stay over. Let me know if you change your mind and decide to stayover Fir and or Sat night.  We tend to have a drink Friday evening with some impromptu kebabs and the like and Sat is  Breakfast bbq followed by cook  with feast about 5 pm and drinks.  You can get as involved as you wish, I, like others,  usually like someone to cook with me for instance.


Welcome to the forum, good to have you here.  Track me down on the day.  I will have weber apron on probably

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And of course maybe you can make the midlands Woodsmoke 19 and or the other tailgates, I will be at all of these. If you can at least make the Woodsmoke 19 that is the one to go to as it has the most people and the biggest feast, the rest are regional tailgates, pitches are popular so best to book early.

So far this Anglia and South East Tailgate we have (plus some other tba day visitors)

Name Booked Pitch Type EHU? Amount of People Badge?
Justin Yes Tent  Yes 1  
Spencer Raptor 72 Yes Tent Yes 1 Yes
Steve Smokin Monkey Yes Camper Van Yes 2  
Paul Erskine Yes Tent Yes 1 Yes
Ryan Guinea Yes Tent Yes 1 Yes
Deano Johnstone Yes tba Yes tba  
Sam Smith Yes tba Yes tba  
Iceman Provisional Trailer tent Yes 2  
Carl Gillard Provisional Camper Van? Yes 1  
Steve "Romford" n/a Day tripper No 1  

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In Wades Wise Words: All family members are welcome to join us for the evening and also during the day too. When you arrive on Friday night you must all come across and say hi . There is sure to be something cooking Friday night for people to nibble on and we get to know each other over some beer/wine/juice. There are usually AT LEAST a third of the people attending who are new and so you will not be the only ones there for the first time. It was understandable the first time we held one of these meets that our other halves and families were somewhat apprehensive as to what to expect - but I think they actually had more fun watching us rushing around. A glass or two of wine or gin usually does the trick too 

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