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Just a comment on the use of the Meater, The probe has two temperature sensors - one at each end - and the meat sensor will be damaged if it is exposed to the smoke chamber temperatures. This means that you cannot just place the probe in the smoker to see it reach temperature before you put in the meat.

There is a line on the probe showing how far it needs to be inserted into the meat


So, if you want to use it to monitor the chamber temperature before the meat goes in, simply push it into a potato with a flattened end and place this in the smoker.


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On 11/7/2018 at 2:48 PM, Justin said:

Post brexit it might be cheaper. US trade deal. I notice the plus is $99 but here on amazon £109

Isn't Meater/Meater+ a UK company? 

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For interest Tappecue have just launched wireless probes for the Touch I think they are called airprobes. Used with the Touch I beleive you have the best of both worlds with wireless and wired probe options. As the airprobes are only communicating with the Touch locally then you smartphone is talking to the Touch over the internet there is no issue with range if you are out walking the dog whilst cooking etc. 

Macsbbq sell some of the Tappecue range so may be able to shed light on availability in the UK rather than have to import. 

I'm looking to replace my Tappecue 2 with a Touch later in the year so may well look at adding the airprobes as sell

Depends if SWMBO will allow

Cheers n Gone Nick

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So, I'm now gathering quite a collection of probes, fans etc. In the recent Prime day extravaganza I picked up a Meater+ for £74 quid or so. Whilst I haven't shown it any heat yet, I've set it up indoors & in principal seems good & well made. I used a spare phone as a bridge from Bluetooth to Wifi & then checked I could access the cook online via my cloud account on another device using mobile data which was very simple on a android device. The instructions & video make mention of having to enable the Meater+ Link in the app but this seems to be an automated process in the android app at least. 

I'm hoping this is the long term solution for me as I'm fed up with forking out on cable probes at £25 a throw only for them to fail by supposed overheating. 


All i need to do now is find a way to do away with the probe for the fans.

Cheers n Gone Nick 

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