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White Bread Dough


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I use a basic white bread dough for pretty much most of my dough creations, unless making enriched doughs where other things such as eggs, sugar, butter or lard is added.
Rightly or wrongly in your opinion I also use a dough improver to remove one of the proving stages and speed things up a bit, pretty much all mass produced bread using a dough improver of sorts. The one I use is made up of Vitamin C, milk powder and dextrose.

2000g Strong white bread flour

1140g Water - Cold straight from the tap

Salt - 35g

Oil - 20g

Dried Yeast - 30g

Improver - 20g

The above is a basic white bread recipe which I scale to suit depending on what I'm making at the time.

To scale dough recipes you'll find this dough calculator a very useful tool - https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/dough-calculator-bakerybits

I always use a mixer to mix my dough, as it does a far better job than I can :)

Add the water, salt and oil to the bowl. Stir the yeast and improver through the flour and tip into the mixer bowl.

Start off the mixer on low speed for 2 minutes to mix the ingredients and to start forming the dough.

Turn the speed up to 2 and continue to knead the dough for approx 10 mins, after which time the dough will be soft and elastic and smooth, like the inside of a ladies thigh :)

Before forming the dough, the dough needs to rest, 10 mins is plenty before dividing and shaping the dough ready for proving.

Like I said this is a basic white bread recipe, which I got from a baker friend many years ago. There are lots of variations out there, this one works for me so I've stuck with it and it produces lovely bread as in the attached picture.


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2 hours ago, Laurence said:

Nice! I'm a sourdough guy myself but I do enjoy a good, quick loaf from time to time!

Thanks Laurence :)

I gave sourdough a try, but I'm not a big enough fan to keep making it. I'll just buy a loaf every once in a while I fancy it.

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