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Smoked salt

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Welcome, haven't done salt but have smoked paprika powder, about a kilo.  Prior to smoking "dried the paprika in microwave for about 20/30 seconds", then evenly spread dried paprika on suitable tray to go in smoker. Then lit smoke generator & let it do its thing, don't see why it wouldn't work for salt. Regularly smoke cheese, garlic & trout but only in the cooler months. Currently have 4 trout sides brining to be smoked over the next few days, smaller trout was about 2 & half pounds gutted & larger 5 pounds gutted, brining will probably be more than 24hrs then probably 2 mazes of smoking around 20/24hrs but never exact . Good luck with the salt


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Thanks for that U!  I had a go yesterday.  I cold smoked coarse sea salt for 4 hours.  I then followed Wade's recipe, scaled down to 200g of cashews, using the sea salt in a momentary brine for the nuts, which were then mixed with blitzed smoked Maldon salt (off the shelf).  I air fried them at 160c for 16 minutes, stirring half way.  I think the time &/or temperature would stand a bit less.  I then cold smoked them with oak dust for four hours - they are fab!

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