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2 hours ago, Tabs said:

Make sure the lip is level first, mines a bolted piece of ally so it was easy'ish to bend and position with clamps then drill to its final spot.

Then to make sure I had a good seal I used the BBQ gasket stuff from lavalock. Makes a nice smoke free seal. The weight of the lid works a treat.

I tried the lid off of our Weber 57cm on my drum today......and it doesn't fit. as I thought it would.....so, for now,  I'm going to stick with the drum lid for now. 

I did get to start on my UDS,  drilling a hole to get the build off the ground.....fitted the first air vent...so I've made a start.  t2010.gif 





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No. Heat rises from the bottom. It is a matter of how much airflow allowed into coals. Anyway I cook to meat temp with probe thermoter rather than time, it is ready when it is ready. I allow extra time and that flexibility is utilised when meat rests in cool box....everyone has there own way. Lid may be a little loose but it is not like there is a gaping hole in lid. Just because smoke is is escaping makes no difference to heat distribution. It just means the smoke in the lid is full and it needs to escape somewhere.

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The Weber lid won’t fit on any drums that have lips around the top . You would need to angle grind that off . What I found out was that in the USA they use a lot of closed drums where they had to cut the top off . Hence the Weber lid then fitted perfect. 

Leaks out of lids ? Think about it you have top exhausts . So as Justin said heat is going one way . Leaks are just providing extra vents . Won’t affect temperatures 

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The point I was making about the lid not fitting,  was it just sits balancing on the top roll lip. If it wanted too it  could slide off easily,  and I'm not going to cut the top off the drum when it's own lid fits a treat. I wasn't looking for the Weber lid to fit and seal as you need to control the air flow. 


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