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MadCow saying Hi !


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Hi MadCow and welcome to the forum. Lol - There are a few of us who a little longer in the tooth than we care to admit :D

Great to have you on board. We are wanting to encourage both experienced BBQers and also those just starting out on their adventure to ask questions and provide advice and support. We are looking to help the BBQ / Smoking community in the UK to further expand.

Where in the UK are you?


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Hi Jackie - yes. I saw some of your courses advertised in the BBQ Mag earlier in the year and I nearly came along:thumb1:. I too offer BBQ and smoking courses on a smaller scale than you and it is great to see the enthusiasm grow as people start to realise just what can be achieved on the BBQ. There are a few others around the Ashford area from the old BBBQS too but I am not sure if they are still active. It sounds like we need to arrange a gathering at some point...

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