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Pulled Ham

Smokin Monkey

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Pulled Ham


Pork Shoulder (1.5kg)



Cure #1

Favorite Rub

Apple Juice



Weigh your Pork Shoulder, then using a reputable Cure calculator weight out the Cure

Place the Pork in a Vac Bag, then add the Cure Mix. Massage the meat.

Seal the bag.

Place in the fridge and cure for a minimum 10 days, I did 14 days, and turn every day.

After 14 days remove from bag and wash under cold running water.

Place back in the fridge uncovered for a day.

Apply American Mustard as the glue and cover with your favorite rub.

Set your smoker up for indirect cooking. I used the GMG and fruit wood pellets.

Set temperature to run @ 105'C

Place Pork in smoker.

Three hours in and it reached 73'C (163F) Added Apple Juice and foiled.

Final IT 97'C (208F) 5 1/2 hours total cooking time.

Remove and allow to rest before pulling.



1.5 Kg Pork Shoulder




Cure Mixture




Pork & Cure in Vac Bag.




Pork after 14 days.




Pork with Mustard and Rub applied




On to the Smoker




3 1/2 hours into the cook ready for Apple Juice and foiling.






Pulled Ham, notice the nice colour that's associated with Ham.


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