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Weber Kettle Temperature Control


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Hi all,


Am grilling/smoking on an Original Kettle and am loving it. one thing I am struggling with slightly on low and slow cooks is temperature control, specifically trying to control to 250 F and below.

No real issue to controlling to say 275. Have been using "minion" method in charcoal baskets and also the snake method.


I had been trying to control the temperature using the bottom vent only like this guy (Low n Slow Basics). His videos are generally very good and easy to follow



However, I find that I can't get my temps much below 275, even with the bottom vent only open a touch. In some cases I have then resorted to closing the top vent down and one time the temperature dropped like a stone because I guess I must have smothered the fire.


So I'm wondering, what procedure do you guys follow if you want a low and slow cook at, say 225 F?


Thanks all

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