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Pork Butt Oven Reheat


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Smoking a few boston butts for an upcoming birthday party and I'm planning on cooking the day before and reheating whole in the oven the next day. Last year I used a crock pot which seemed to overheat and dry out the meat. What meat temperature should I be shooting for on the reheat? I usually cook to 200-210 then pull/wrap/cooler rest, on the reheat is there any need to go higher than around 160?

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I normally cook on the day so im not sure what would be the best way to reheat sorry.

With leftovers I normally divide the pulled meat into a sealed food bags with a little bit of apple juice and into the freezer. Then reheat gently in a pan of simmering water before taking out of the food bag.

Would be interesting to see the suggestions just in case I need to cook a day in advance at some point.

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I think you need to take them to 165f to make sure they are food safe. I would also suggest reheating at a low temp 225/250f, perhaps wrapping the joints tightly with some liquid in the roasting tin to avoid drying the meat out too much.

Alternatively you could hold overnight in your oven at a low temp 150f - I've never done this but have seen videos of briskets done this way.



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