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Black Pudding Battenberg

Smokin Monkey

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Black Pudding Battenberg 


1 Black Pudding (I used Bury Black Pudding)

500g Sausage Meat

750g Streaky Bacon

2 Tbs Mixed Herbs

Salt & Pepper



Season the sausage meat with Salt & Pepper and add the Mixed Herbs.

Remove outer casing of the Black Pudding, and cut long ways into four segments.

Using the Streaky Bacon, make a Basket weave.

Devide the Sausage Meat into two. Roll both into a sausage shape.

Lay one roll of Sausage Meat on the weave, lay a segment of Black Pudding next to it.

Place another segment of Black Pudding on top of the Sausage Meat, and Sausage Meat

on top of the first layer of Black Pudding to form a chequered pattern.

Roll the basket weave of bacon around the Battenberg, make in sure it's tight.

Wrap in Cling film tightly and allow to sit in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours to firm.

Set smoker up for indirect cooking, using your favorite wood to 120'C

Cook Battenberg for approx 4 hours or until IT is 76'C.



Bury Black Pudding




Sausage Meat




Seasoned Sausage Meat




Two segments of Black Pudding & Two Sausage Meat




Bacon Weave




First layer of Black Pudding & Bacon




Second layer of Black Pudding & Bacon




In The smoker Cooking



Finished Cooking, notice the Battenberg effect.


Back to The Smokin Monkey Cook Book.




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