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Hi from Cork, Ireland


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Hi all,


This year, i saw the light and I have retired the gas grill (pretty much) and picked up a second hand Weber Kettle. Really enjoying it. Have cooked baby backs, spares, beef short ribs and pork shoulder, all pretty successful.

Glad to find this forum and looking forward to engaging with you all.


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Hi all thanks for the welcome


On 8/30/2022 at 3:39 PM, hoogl said:

Hi and :welcome:

The best thing about cooking pretty successfully is it's a great excuse to try again until perfect 🤣.

What size of kettle did you pick up?

It was a 57 cm Original kettle, very little use. Came with the charcoal baskets, a chimney starter, a Weber cover plus a set of BBQ tools. All for €110 which I was delighted with.

Loving using it, such a versatile bit of kit. And there are so many videos on YouTube for it.


I reverse seared steaks on it at the weekend, they were fantastic

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Nice, I haven't used the kettle. But I do have a 57cm Smokey mountain that I have used as a Kettle (Without the main body) and there's plenty of room, I usually use one or two of the baskets then as well.  

I do like reverse searing steaks. I keep saying I'm going to do them normal but I usually end up doing a reverse sear as I know they'll turn out great. 

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