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KCBS Judging Course

Smokin Monkey

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It was a great experience, especially as it was combined with the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational. A lovely weekend despite the wet start to the Saturday morning.

There are 44 currently registered KCBS judges in the UK (45 now including me). I am currently working on a Judges directory to add to the Forum.

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No, as a judge you have to contact the organisers and put your name forward to judge in their competition. In the UK and mainland Europe they usually have a shortage of judges and so you are highly likely to be accepted, however in the US there are a lot of judges and for some it can prove to be difficult to be accepted.

For the KCBS events you can go here to find out which competitions are taking place. Select your year and country and the list will pop up along with the organisers contact details. The only one currently showing for the UK in 2019 is Grillstock in June - but others will begin to get posted up soon.


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We have a wedding on the horizon in June 19,  but it's taking place in Italy,  not too sure of the dates at the moment.  This is why we changed the dates for the Midland T-Gate so has not to crash with the wedding.

This year Grill Stock was cancelled I believe, not sure why.  

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