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Akorn If you use a cast iron kamado, consider upgrading.


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I've had an Akorn for three or four years, and it serves as my grill, smoker, and pizza oven all in one. I haven't exactly been dissatisfied with the smoking side of things, but I do wonder if I'm missing anything. It's been fantastic for grilling and pizza work. My main smoking habits involve chucks, butts, and ribs. It seems to be working too efficiently for me to be getting much smoke from it. To stay below 250, I typically have to keep the top barely cracked. I do occasionally get some smoke, but it might taste cleaner. Although I don't find it to be bad, my kids occasionally complain about an ashy flavour. I want to know if I should invest in a ceramic "genuine" kamado. I'm hoping there will be more smoke and other advantages because it is less effective. Due to the akorn's low cost and my intention to use it, I initially purchased it. Although money isn't really an issue, if I do spend three to four times as much, I want to see some actual improvements.



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If its more smokey flavour you want then Im not sure a ceramic kamado would be much different than what you have considering the cost (although im not familiar with your grill model).

Apparently offset smokers have a much faster airflow and this contributes to getting a much deeper/defined smokey flavour...at the cost of having to refuel more often and staying with it for the majority of the cook. Ceramic kamado's have a slower airflow by comparison to the offset smoker's and it may give similar results to what you have?

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What @AdamG said ;) 

You should be able to get a decent smoke flavour using the Akorn. I have the Char Broil Kamander which is a very similar BBQ and get decent results cooking anywhere from 225 up to 275 depending on the cut of meat.

I'm sure I've read something about going temporarily "smoke blind" due to the exposure to smoke whilst cooking. But not sure how scientific this is!!!

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