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Beef Bourguignon


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I got a phone call from my local butcher saying that he had some "featherblade steak" in stock (something he very rarely gets). So I decided to get some to try... even though I had never heard of it. I looked up some ideas and suggestions online to see what could be done with it and I settled on beef bourguignon.

The cuts I picked up from the butchers


I chopped up some carrots and an onion.


In a lasagne dish I added the beef (chopped), carrots, onions, dried oregano, bay leaves and a full bottle of red wine. In the fridge to marinate overnight.


The next day I seperated all the ingredients (apart from dried herbs haha). I also strained the red wine aswell.


I set the Monolith up in a dual zone setting.

Front half was cast iron flat plate over direct heat and set to the 1st level (lowest level) to get a really good sear.

Back half had a deflector plate for indirect heat, stainless steel grid set to 3rd level.

I also added the dutch oven and the little cast iron pot to preheat with the kamado. Dome temp was 150C.

Once the temp had stabilised, I added the wine to reduce and removed the scum from the top.


Once the wine was reduced I removed it. I then melted some butter ready for the carrots.


carrots 1st.


Straight into the dutch oven once ready.


Quickly fried the garlic paste and tomato paste with the carrots.


Then some flour for thickening,


And then gradually added beef stock while stirring (store bought sorry!)


Red wine added.


Time for searing, 1st up is the beef.


steak in the sauce, bacon bits on the flat plate.


bacon in the drink, finally the onions.


Bay leaves in and its ready for the slow cook.


To minimise the temperature climb during searing, I shut the bottom vent completely since the lid was left open for about 20 minutes. The dome temp initially landed on 180C but over the 1st hour it gradually returned to 150C and then held that temp for the rest of the cook.


And the finished results...



served with some mash potato.

Do you prefer on the side


Or on top?


Thanks for looking🍻👍


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