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Mailbox Mod - mailbox alternative suggestions needed


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Hi All

I've done a little cold smoking in my Callow smoker  and would like to do some more but would like to give a mailbox mod and vent tubing a try to give more distance between the smoker generator and the food (mostly it'll be cheese) as I've read on several occasions that having more distance allows the smoke to cool and also any tar etc has time to build up on surface to of the tubing rather than on the food which helps to give a cleaner smoke taste and less problems with rising temperatures.

Having looked around I've found metal US style  mailboxes to be somewhat expensive so I'm looking for alternatives, thus far I've not found quite what I'm looking for and wondered if anyone has any good ideas for alternative items.

The smoke generator I'll be using is a 30cm length of stainless perforated tubing on about 1.5 inch diameter. so I need something which will be big enough to house that an allow air space around it.

Any ideas will be much appreciated.

I'm also thinking about how best to attach the end of my tubing to one of the air intake vents on the Callow without modifying the smoker...

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HI Scott, length of 100mm Aluminum duct 3 meters or longer. 

Cooling rack cut down so it sits in the duct at the perforated tube sits on it. Use foil over the smoke generator end with an hole to draw in air. 

Not sure of the inlet on the Callow, but I an sure 100mm duct would fit over it. Couple of bungee straps to hold it tight?

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