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Lighting enough fuel to fill 57cm grill


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Hi. I’ve recently started and come to love  BBQing over coals vs gas. 

i have a 57cm classic Weber kettle grill and my question is about how to light enough briquettes to use the whole grill for direct heat cooking?

i have a starter chimney and it’s amazing but only lights enough fuel for about one 3rd of the grill. It’s fine most of the time but when I have friends over and only need direct heat I could do with more and lighting the starter again would take too long. 

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You could try and light some in the Weber either using the wee baskets or just bank coals at the side. That way by the time the chimney is up to temp they should either be at temp or almost there and you could dump the chimney in the middle. 

Alternatively you could get a second chimney and light twice as much fuel if you feel that one isn't enough for a full kettle. 

Are you using briquettes or lump? I think Lump wood be better fuel choice for a more direct cooking. 

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