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Chicken madras (quick cook)


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Made a batch of curry base sauce to store in the freezer yesterday and that got my taste buds going for a curry today...had everything in to make a chicken madras so that was a winner.



I kept the temp at 150C/300F to make sure it was not too hot for the rice


rice done



Everything ready so I dont forget to add someting🤔


Garlic, ginger and chilli paste fried for 60 seconds and then the chicken added.


spice mix added followed by the tinned tomatoes


finally base sauce added in and reduced slightly





Turned out great and super easy to do, even for a midweek cook😁

Thanks for looking👍

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53 minutes ago, Handyjayes said:

That looks terrific 👍!

Thanks Handyjayes!

Long time no see. How are you getting on with your kamado? I remember you getting a good deal on yours👍

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No problem Justin, this is the link to the one that I used:


Full credit goes to The Curry Guy (Dan Toombs) for the base sauce. Ingredients are waaay down the bottom of the page. There is a smaller batch version that he makes on his website if you would prefer that. I usually get 32 servings per batch. I normally cook 4 or 8 servings at a time with different curries, great for midweek quick cooks aswell as long slow cooks👍

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Yes I have the Dan Toombs book, he has loads of base sauces in there but i am not got myself organised to make a batch yet, plus freezer is chocca of food including large batched did of smoked salmon. but seeing your write up is getting me motivated

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I do most of mine from scratch aswell, apart from the base sauce. The tubs we have work out nicely. One tub does 1 curry to serve 4. We have 2 servings on the day i make a curry then the last 2 the next day👍

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