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Aldi Kamado performance

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Hi all,

I recently purchased the Aldi Kamado and have a couple of performance questions.

1. Despite using real high quality lump charcoal I cannot get the temp up above 350 degrees. I attempted a pyrolytic clean yesterday hoping to get it up to at least 450 but at 350 it seems to run out of steam and then the temp starts falling slowly. I lit it with a 3/4 full fire box, let it go for 10 mins with lid open, then ran it with bottom and top vents open full. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

2. See attached pics. When it was at 350, smoke was pouring out of the seal between bowl and lid where there is this slight gap in the seal. This must be an error right? Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a returnable issue, or are there solutions I can apply to solve it?

Thanks in advance.


IMG_5370.pdf IMG_5371.pdf

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If I wanted to get beyond 350C then I would load the charcoal in by hand. I would also only use the biggest pieces to maximise airflow (roughly same size as my hand). I would create 3 hotspots when lighting, in a triangle formation so they eventually join together. Leave vents fully open (maybe remove top vent completely). If i wanted to use the deflector plate then i would also install them in a higher postion, allowing more hot air to escape the fire box. If you have a charcoal basket you could also remove the cast iron grate that sits under it to promote more airflow.๐Ÿ˜

Just remember to burp the grill at high temps๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘

Regarding the gasket, I would personally be happy with a partial refund and get some more felt gasket to patch it in. They do eventually need replacing in time anyway. Regardless the felt gasket needs either patching or replacing so you can get a nice tight seal. Im not sure if this would cause your temps to steadily climb but I can imagine it would lose some fuel efficiency.

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Thanks Adam. Sorry for the late response. Great advice above. I don't have a charcoal basket, but it's on the shopping list. Getting it up to temp was pretty easy. Keeping it there was harder, particuarly when needing to keep opening the top to check progress, but I guess you just have to put up with that?

The company sent me a new gasket free of charge. I've found advice online about replacing it, so all good on that front too.


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Glad it helped you, recovering the temp is a bit of a pain. I like to try and peek by looking through the exhaust vent or only opening a few inches to keep the hot air trapped in as much as possible. Im not sure if different brands of charcoal can recover faster or not though, thats still experimental for me.

Even though the charcoal basket is not a necessity (in my opinion), it is a great quality of life addition๐Ÿ‘ Emptying/cleaning is easier and I have also read that it can prevent firebowl cracking?

One tip about replacing the felt...make sure the old glue/adhesive is 100% removed otherwise the new one keeps peeling off. I left a tiny little bit on and it kept lifting off. Its a bit like celotape were the first attempt is the stickiest and it loses its stickyness with each attempt after that. Luckily the length was long enough to have some spare. Its a pretty simple task otherwise but getting the old adhesive off is the worst/boring part๐Ÿป

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