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Easter weekend cooks?


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Anyone else managed to get a cook in over this bank holiday?

I managed to get 2 cooks in myself so far.

Some cod on the friday...




Also got some ribs done Sunday aswell.



I need to remember to take more pics lol.🍻

Would be great to see what others have cooked😁

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They are some good looking ribs, Adam!

I've cooked 3 times so far this weekend but not one pic!!! Sausage and chips for the kids on Friday as well as making a chicken stock on my Ecozoom charcoal stove.

Chicken thighs with soy, ginger, garlic, chilli and sesame oil Saturday night. 

And last night I did some brisket burnt ends with half a cooked point end from the freezer and some wagyu burgers.

Just finished the last of the burnt ends on my scrambled eggs this morning :) EPIC

Apparently I did take one pic!!!


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Thats a great picture pittmab!

Sounds like you have been busier than me😁, all sound delicious. What are you planning on using the chicken stock for?

I want to get another cook in today....but not sure what just yet🤔

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Managed to get another cook in today and made a point to take more pics...


Everything ready 


Buttered garden pea's with paprika and cayenne potatoes🌶


whiskey oak smoked and whiskey flambe steak 🔥


some macaroni pasta aswell since my daughter cant eat a full pack, even though i had not planned to have it🍻


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Those look great pics there. Sadly working most of the weekend and the wife just got an allotment so when I’ve not been working I’ve been digging up a mass of weeds. I’ve got some wings in the freezer that I might do this Sunday. 

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