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Should I put a roof on my bbq table?

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Hi all - New to the forum and enjoying what I'm reading so far.

I'm building a deck over easter and had planned to build an integral bbq table (which i'd also use for my pizza oven) - but I'm torn between putting a roof on and was hoping for some thoughts from folks in the know. The way the deck is means it'd be a pain to do later so want to try to get it right from the offset. I've attached a similar image of the kind of thing I'm thinking (although mine would just be a standard weber kettle).

It does mean I can use it in the rain, but in reality how many of you want to be outside bbq'ing when it's raining? Sun protection would only be at certain times of day and in the UK not so much of an issue. A con is that it would block sun from some parts of the deck by having a roof in the way.

Would be curious to hear what people have to say. Thanks!


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Personally I would like a roof eventually over mine. The benefits for me would be for the winter cooks so the coals dont get wet during lighting (and not getting totally soaked when the food is finished). If you do or plan to do alot of low and slow, roasting, indirect cooking etc then I think its worth considering since rain would be less of a concern in my opinion. With these types of cooks I can leave the food cooking outdoors while im doing other things in the house...but this depends on how much trust and what type of bbq you have.

If you only intend to do direct cooks then I cant see any real benefit. I wouldnt do direct cooking unless its a lovely sunny day.😎

Thats my input anyway, hopefully others will share their opinions to give you some more ideas etc👍

...I have yet to build my table though so I have a long way to go haha🍻

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