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First attempt at salmon


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Not really sure what I'm doing here, but my wife came back from Lidl this morning with an extra 500g of salmon fillet cut into three strips.  Apparently it was due to turn toxic and kill anyone who so much as looked at it as soon as the clock strikes midnight tomorrow and they were getting rid of it cheap, so she thought she'd buy it for me to experiment with.

I'm thinking a salt/sugar cure for tomorrow, then rinse and dry it and leave it overnight in the fridge and aiming for perhaps ten hours in the cold smoker the following day.  Not decided what wood to use yet either.


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And here's the result.



Taste is perhaps just a little too smoky at the moment on the outside, so although it's at the bottom end of the desired weight loss I'm not going to put it back in the smoker for any longer.  Perhaps it would have been more had the air temperature not dropped quite so low when it was smoking (it was -4.6°C at dawn, according to the weather station).  It feels dry though, and the pieces are firm but tender.

I'm going to give it a couple of days in the fridge to allow the smoke to diffuse through the flesh and try it again.  Might have it for lunch with some scrambled eggs from the chickens.


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When I take fish off smoker I leave it to relax in cling film in fridge for a day or to at least and the smoke taste becomes  smooth as oils come out of fish. Then slice vac and freeze.


I make sure smoker is at 20c. I use inkbird and ceramic black bilb to regulate temp as cold smoke in the winter

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