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AMNPS reliable use in offset smoker


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For cold smoke generation one of the leading pellet cold smoke generators in the USA has been the Amazen-Pellet-Smoker "AMNPS". I have been using one for several years now and it provides a good quality of smoke reliably over a long period of time. In the UK these can be bought from BBQ Gourmet.

Although they are very reliable they can be affected by the moisture content of your pellets. If the pellets have been left in a damp storage area for any length of time they will need to be dried.

I have therefore put up a quick video showing how I currently use mine with my main offset smoker. Most of my salmon smokes are just overnight however it is not unusual for me to smoke for up to 48 hours (or sometimes longer). Please bear with the voice over as I was winging it as I was taking the video, and I wasn't looking for being nominated for an Oscar this time.


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